Renegade Buggies is a dynamic endless runner game with a financial literacy curriculum at its core. Ride through the urban terrain on your supercharged buggy, grabbing items from your shopping list and collecting coins and coupons every chance you get. But beware of obstacles, because they're all around you! After crossing the finish line, you'll check out, making sure to choose the item with the best bang for its buck. Choose carefully, because the goal is to save as much money as you can. Then reward yourself with a trip to the Virtual Auto Body Shop where you can power up your buggy and rider with some epic glow lights, a flashy stunt suit, or a kickin' cowboy hat!

Grab a family member and learn to be financially responsible by using smart consumer strategies. Compare unit sizes, buy in bulk, and use coupons and promos along the way. Become a checkout hero by increasing your Overall Money Saved, all while racing down a high-speed track as groceries, coins, and even moving tires come your way! Start your engines!